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This year students have been asked to sell Fall Play - Puffs. Volunteers Needed. BT needs volunteers in all aspects of operation. If you're interested in spiritual life, academics, fine arts or athletics, Blessed Trinity has a spot for you!

Committees are In June, Mr. Morzen, Mrs. Birth, Fr. Spruce Pines is in a beautiful mountain area outside of Asheville Varsity Softball vs. Varsity Volleyball West Hall. Varsity Softball Flowery Branch. Varsity Volleyball White County. JV Volleyball vs. Junior Titan Softball Marist. Virtual Day. Titans Cross Country vs. Mill Springs Cross Country Meet.

Varsity Volleyball Alpharetta. JV Football Marist. Freshman Football vs. Flowery Branch. The doctrine of the Trinity is the great Christian distinctive. It separates Christianity from all other beliefs. The doctrine of the Trinity is the dividing line between true, orthodox Christian faith and aberrations from the faith. Before we begin, take a moment and write your definition of the Trinity.

If someone asked you to explain it, what would you say? At the end of the study, see if your understanding has changed. If you missed that, you may want to review it now. Some factions say that the Holy Spirit is merely a force. Indeed, He has all the characteristics of a person. He is self-aware. In this same verse, Acts , what pronouns does the Holy Spirit use to refer to Himself? He has feelings and can be saddened.

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See Ephesians He loves. See Romans He has a will. See 1 Corinthians He can be offended. See Hebrews He can be lied to. In this same story of Ananias Acts 5 , in the next verse v.

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Read verses 3 and 4 together to see this clearly. The only way we can know about the Holy Trinity is by divine revelation. You will never understand the Trinity by human investigation, logic, philosophy, or science. The only way you can know about the Trinity is what God says in His Word. If you think about it, those things are absolutely contradictory to logic, and yet they are true. God never had a beginning, and God is everywhere. Do we understand infinity? Do we understand eternity?

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The doctrine of the Trinity rises or falls on divine revelation. Some people try to prove or disprove the Trinity with illustrations. But you cannot. Turn to Isaiah God can be three different forms. Turn in your Bible to Isaiah God is speaking:. God is bigger and greater than we are.

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A wise man once said,. He said he hoped before he died he could understand electricity And he never did. What we see are reflections of the Trinity, but not illustrations of the Trinity, in so much that God has created… Time is past, present, and future. The past is not the present; the present is not the future; and the future is not the past. Space involves height, width, and depth. Height is not width; width is not depth; depth is not height. All are distinguishable, but all are inseparable. They all exist together. In Creation of the Universe.

The word for God there is the Hebrew word Elohim.

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