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LOVING grandfather's WORDS OF WISDOM to his grandchildren

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25 Life Lessons We Learned from Our Grandparents

Sign in. You're Almost Done! Just enter some information for us. Year Birth year needed! Please enter a better zip than that Password must be at least 8 characters, including uppercase, lowercase, and a number. Password needs to be stronger I pulled out my phone, asked him to say it once more and we sent it to my family for a good laugh. For as long as I can remember Grandpa has shared his passion for history and genealogy with his grandkids. He shows me homes he grew up in, shares immense details about the family tree, and loves telling childhood stories.

A few weeks after we started hanging out my auntie Ellen caught wind. It was during this longer genealogy deep dive that my perception of memory and old age changed completely. We were both shocked at the details he was able to recall in both historical facts and current events.

He said he felt 20 years younger. From that moment we agreed to always focus on getting the next adventure on the calendar. His memory has remained in this heightened state since that first genealogy day. Grandpa thanking his niece Brenda for putting together the ancestry information. Grandpa thanking my Aunt Ellen for Cook family history books she got me. Once I took him for a much-needed haircut just before Christmas a couple years ago. He never complains.

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Our elders are an important connection to the tragedy of life. He sent home photos. Our elders are an important connection to the past. He never complains about it though and as far as I can see his disconnected lifestyle plays a role in his overall default happy state. There was no electricity and no phone. The only source of heat was a brick fireplace and large cast iron stove in the center of the cottage.

Many of the meals were foraged from the land — fish, mushrooms, turtles, and blueberries were staples of their diet. Grandpa and his brothers had to rely on each other and their own ingenuity for entertainment. Grandpa often talks about the overall calmness of life growing up, even through the chaos of the Great Depression.

He learned from his elders. She designed the cottage to have as many beds as possible and always took in friends and family who were down on their luck.

Grandpa, Grandma and Grandson

Just like the first day we spent recording our genealogy session almost 2 years ago, all of our days since then — both big adventures and small errands — are a gift. There have been so many incredible, unexpected twists and turns in the journey. Grandpa and I often talk about it all, enter a state of disbelief, and share a good laugh. Grandpa dropping some wisdom on an adventure day with my brother Andy. About a year and a half after we started I came close to pursuing a full-time gig again after years of work-from-home contracting.

He gave our family a unique phone number and told us to text photos to it. When Andy asked me to help bring the tool to life I instantly said yes.

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