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Both may vary greatly in scale and amount of accommodation provided. A Hut is a primitive dwelling, usually one room and one story in height. The design and materials of huts vary widely around the world. Roundhouse : a house built with a circular plan. Trullo : a traditional Apulian stone dwelling with conical roof.


Bungalow is a common term applied to a low one story house with a shallow-pitched roof in some locations, dormered varieties are referred to as 1. American Craftsman bungalow. Chalet bungalow in Northern Ireland. A Cottage is a small house, usually one story in height, although the term is sometimes applied to larger structures.

Cape Cod-style house or Cape: a style of double-pile one-story cottage; low, broad with a steep side-gable roof to which dormers are often added to create a second story in some locations, referred to as 1. Dacha : cottage-type house in Russia and former union republics of the Soviet Union. Ontario Cottage : a one- or one-and-a-half-storey house with a symmetrical rectangular floor plan and a gable centred over the door, popular in small-town Ontario during the 19th century. A Ranch-style house or Rambler is one-story, low to the ground, with a low-pitched roof, usually rectangular, L- or U-shaped with deep overhanging eaves [12] Ranch styles include:.

An I-house is a two-story house that is one room deep with a double-pen, hall-parlor, central-hall or saddlebag layout. A Gablefront house or a Gablefront cottage has a gable roof that faces its street or avenue , is in the novel The House of Seven Gables. Split-level house is a design of house that was commonly built during the s and s.

It has two nearly equal sections that are located on two different levels, with a short stairway in the corridor connecting them. A Tower house is a compact two-story house, often fortified.

1. Transparent House in Tokyo, Japan

A Longhouse is historical house type typically for family groups. Media related to Houses by type at Wikimedia Commons. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Main article: List of building types. Further information: House. This article is about house types by form or structure. For house types by decoration or appearance, see List of house styles. But, while the terminology does vary around the world, the basic types of dwellings tend to be more or less the same - with some exceptions of course.

In North America, the basic forms of dwelling tend to fall into one of the following types. These are a building, or complex of buildings, that contain a number of individually owned apartments or houses.

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This term is not common in other parts of the world, like the UK, where they are normally called blocks of flats. Detached houses, as the name suggests, are dwellings, usually at least two-stories, that stand on their own. These types of dwelling typically have their own surrounding grounds and are usually, but not always, the most expensive form of dwelling.

They may even have a series of ancillary structures like a garage or series of sheds and stores etc.

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Townhouses tend to be characterized as tall, narrow dwellings that usually run over several floors. They tend to be terraced and can have three or more floors. Each dwelling shares at least one wall with an adjacent house. In some circumstances, they may also have separate dwellings above, or below them too. However, in places like the UK these tend to be called maisonettes. According to National Geographic , at that time, turf was more readily available than wood, so it became a practical building material that was also a very good insulant against the harsh, cold climate.

Although there are still many turf houses in Iceland , they are not the main type of accommodation in the country any longer. Note that Iceland is not the only place where there are turf houses. Although they may not follow the exact same construction techniques, you can see some in the Faroe Islands, Scotland, Norway, and Greenland.

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You can easily visit the rocky towns and even stay in some of the caves that have been transformed into hotels. Yurts are large, portable dwellings made of a flexible wooden lattice and a thick fabric to cover it.

10 Most Insane Houses In The World

They are like big, round tents but they are a lot more comfortable and homey than the one you got at REI a burning stove is usually found in every yurt and carpets cover the ground. According to National Geographic , it takes between thirty minutes and three hours to set up a yurt. Photo: Pikoso. Although yurts are often associated with Mongolia, they can be found all over Central Asia among nomadic, herding communities and in Eastern European countries such as Romania and Hungary.

10 oldest houses in the world

Yurts have existed for thousands of years in the Central Asian steppes and are still very much part of life in Mongolia. A rumah gadang is of rectangular shape with an impressive spiky roof made of thatch or corrugated iron. A rumah gadang can be made of thirty, twenty, or twelve wooden posts and is usually built one or two meters off the ground. According to Cecilia Ng in Inside Austronesian Houses: Perspectives on Domestic Designs for Living , it is now more common to find modern houses built out of bricks than the traditional rumah gadang built out of wood, but they are still present in villages across Sumatra and are now often used as the venues for ceremonies rather than for day-to-day activities.

The use of space in a rumah gadang is very complex and reflects the social organization and traditions of the Minangkabau people. For example, depending on her reproductive status, a woman sleeps and lives in different sections of the rumah gadang. A Rumah gadang is the domain of women and, as such, these dwellings are owned by women and passed on from mothers to daughters.

Chalets are simple, wooden houses typical of the Western European Alps. They were originally built for herders to look after their livestock during the months the animals were out to graze in the remote mountain pastures.