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How Dreamweaver Got Its Name

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In fact, using and creating CSS styles is an inherent part of the development workflow. A developer has to work hard not to use CSS. For those of you familiar with previous versions of Dreamweaver, the CSS Styles panel is still around. But, you should see how things have changed. Property Inspector. Dreamweaver MX introduced the concept of applying custom styles to a selected text object with the text Property inspector. This workflow may not have been apparent to everyone, however, since the developer had to toggle between HTML styles which generated HTML font tags and assigned attributes to that tag and CSS styles which provided a pop-up menu of all custom styles defined within the available style sheet.

When I first saw this implementation, I thought this was rather… well… high-handed of the application.

Web How-to: Using CSS in Dreamweaver MX 2004

CSS is here to stay, and the font tag is not. Dreamweaver MX is driving that point home. While this adjustment in the Property inspector may be transparent to users who have not been using CSS, CSS devotees will quickly become accustomed to applying custom styles at will from within the Property inspector. This is easy with the new CSS style preview available from the Style pop-up menu.

I think it is almost too easy to define new text styles within the Property inspector and to end up with a number of poorly named custom styles in the process.

How to Create a Rollover Image in Dreamweaver

Developers will need to find a workflow that makes sense. Luckily, I have suggested a couple of workflows below.

19.- Curso Dreamweaver MX. CSS

Before we leave the Property inspector, though, let me point out the Page Properties button see Figure 1. In line with the other Macromedia MX products, developers can now define page properties by clicking this button. The Page Properties dialog box appears, just as it will if you choose that command from the Modify menu.

As with other improvements, though, the more significant changes happen behind the scenes. Page Properties Dialog Box. The Page Properties dialog box may look similar to the dialog box in previous versions, but it acts very differently see Figure 2. By specifying choices within the Page Properties dialog box, developers define style attributes for the body tag.

Therefore, if a developer chooses to set the background color for the page to yellow and the text color to brown, those color attributes are assigned to the body selector in the head. And, to accommodate those of us who might forget, Dreamweaver will even assign the text color to TD and TH selectors so that they will be the same color! As a special note, the Page Properties dialog box includes settings for link colors and underlining text choose the Links category in the Page Properties dialog box. Any setting choices in this version will define the hyperlink pseudo-class selectors a:link, a:active, and so forth.

Web How-to: Using CSS in Dreamweaver MX -

The Underline Style pop-up menu even provides an intuitive way to choose how you should use underlines within the hyperlink pseudo-class selectors see Figure 3. CSS Styles Panel. The changes are slight. This is the URL or location of the image that will start out on the page. You can use relative or absolute path URLs in this field.

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This is the image that will appear when you mouse over the image. Just like the original image, this can be an absolute or relative path to the image, and it should exist or be uploaded when you upload the page. This option is selected by default because it helps the rollover appear more quickly. By choosing to preload the rollover image, the Web browser will store it in a cache until the mouse rolls over it.

Table Basics

Good alternate text makes your images more accessible. You should always use some type of alternate text when adding any images. Most people will click on an image when they see one on a page. So you should be in the habit of making them clickable. This option allows you to specify the page or URL to take the viewer to when they click on the image. This block includes the 3 functions you need to have the images swap when the mouse rolls over them and the preload function if you opted for that.

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If you chose to have Dreamweaver preload the rollover images, then you will see the HTML code in the body of your document to call the preload script so that your images load more quickly. Dreamweaver also adds all the code for your image and links it if you included a URL.

Dreamweaver Setup and Overview

The rollover portion is added to the anchor tag as onmouseover and onmouseout attributes. Share Pin Email. A published author with extensive website creation and management skills.