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1. Have a requirements document

The confusion stems mainly from the mix up between the term "Marketing" as a discipline, comprising Product Management, MarCom Marketing Communications , etc. Still, many organizations put under 'Marketing' only Market Communications MarCom , which is just the operational end of marketing and only a subset of what 'Promotion' comprises. In organizations, where the Product Management is weak or not existent, its tasks are taken over by the other departments i.

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From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. This article is about the general discipline dealing with the development of products. For specifics about managing products in the digital space, see Software product management. This article has multiple issues. Please help improve it or discuss these issues on the talk page.

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Where appropriate, incorporate items into the main body of the article. Product Life Cycle in Digital factory [ In Knowledge management and innovation: A business competitive edge perspective ]. Journal of the Academy of Marketing Science. Second Edition. Page Retrieved March 1, The Product Manager's Handbook.

If your team struggles to develop new products in a reasonable time, you could be missing a simple tool: project management. Your requirements doc can be short and simple or long and detailed, depending on the situation. More importantly, it should be approved by all of the stakeholders.

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By putting requirements in writing, you can avoid false consensus, where everyone thinks they know what the end product will look like, and someone has a different idea. You will also need a process to update this document, because there will be changes as you progress. All of the stakeholders should understand what these changes are and why the requirement is changing. Just like people, healthy companies must grow and mature.

They go through stages of development, and project management should grow along with the company. Too often, as companies grow, project management is one or two stages behind where it should be. Having a prioritized list of every project will help when there are resource conflicts. Finally, have a list of pending projects, so that good ideas have a place to wait until you have the resources to start the effort.

You should also make sure you have top quality tools. To do this, update your old processes to make sure they fit the reality of what the company is and will become—not the company that was.

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One process that always adds value is bug tracking. The truth is, there are always some unknown bugs. All of the bugs in the database need to be prioritized. Prioritize them as compared to the other bugs, as well as to new features. Proper process is critical to running a healthy company. If you just let everyone do what they want, a rogue trader may cost you two billion dollars.