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Other features include: a. Cleaning Rod. Is stored under the barrel.

Receiver Assembly. Has an adjustable front sight post, front sight windage drum, and rear leaf sight.

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Magazine Release. Is located between the magazine well and trigger on the bottom of the receiver. Selector Lever. Selects the firing mode and prevents the weapon from being charged when in the SAFE position. Top Cover. Removes from the receiver for easy cleaning and inspection.

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Fixed Buttstock. Has a spring-loaded trapdoor which stores the combination tool kit. The receiver assembly includes the barrel, front sight assembly, gas block, gas tube, upper and lower handguards, rear sight assembly, top cover, auto sear, auto sear spring, hammer assembly, trigger assembly, magazine release, selector lever, pistol grip, and buttstock. Bolt Carrier Assembly and Bolt Assembly.

The bolt carrier assembly includes the gas piston, bolt carrier, charging handle, and houses the bolt assembly. It provides the feeding, chambering, locking, firing, extraction, and ejection of cartridges. The magazine has a round capacity and can be metal or plastic. It is inserted into the magazine well and is held in place by the magazine release. To fire, the operator inserts a loaded magazine , moves the selector lever to the lowest position, pulls back and releases the charging handle, and then pulls the trigger.

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In this setting, the gun fires only once semi-automatic , requiring the trigger to be released and depressed again for the next shot. With the selector in the middle position full-automatic , the rifle continues to fire, automatically cycling fresh rounds into the chamber, until the magazine is exhausted or pressure is released from the trigger. As each bullet travels through the barrel, a portion of the gases expanding behind them are diverted into the gas tube above the barrel, where they impact the gas piston. This in turn is driven backward, pushing the bolt carrier, which causes the bolt to move backwards, ejecting the spent round, and chambering a new round when the recoil spring pushes it back.

Dismantling the rifle involves the operator depressing the magazine catch and removing the magazine. The charging handle is pulled to the rear and the operator inspects the chamber to verify the gun is unloaded. The operator presses forward on the retainer button at the rear of the receiver cover while simultaneously lifting up on the rear of the cover to remove it.

He then pushes the spring assembly forward and lifts it from its raceway, withdrawing it out of the bolt carrier and to the rear.

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The operator must then pull the carrier assembly all the way to the rear, lift it, and then pull it away. He removes the bolt by pushing it to the rear of the bolt carrier; rotating the bolt so the camming lug clears the raceway on the underside of the bolt carrier and then pulls it forward and free. When cleaning, the operator will pay special attention to the barrel, bolt face, and gas piston, then oil lightly and reassemble. Cartridge case length is For comparison, the 7.

This new rifle and cartridge had only started being exported to eastern European nations when the Soviet Union collapsed, drastically slowing production of this and all other small arms. Certainly more have been produced elsewhere, but the above list represents major producers and variants.

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  5. An updated AKM design is still produced in Russia. Several bullpup designs have surfaced, although none have been produced in quantity. Bullpup conversions are also available commercially. For a complete list, see the List of weapons influenced by the Kalashnikov design.

    Russia has repeatedly claimed that the majority of these manufacturers produce AK without a proper license from IZH. The Gun Control Act of ceased importing of foreign-manufactured fully-automatic firearms for civilian sales and possession, effectively halting further importation of civilian accessible AK rifles.

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    In , an amendment to the Firearm Owners Protection Act stopped all future domestic manufacture of fully-automatic weapons for civilian use. However, machine guns manufactured domestically prior to and imported prior to may be transferred between civilians in accordance with federal and state law. Several Soviet and Chinese rifles made it into the U.

    Many of these were properly registered during the NFA amnesty. Nevertheless, several states have laws on their books outlawing private possession of fully-automatic firearms even with NFA approval. In Canada on January 1 , a new class of prohibited weapons was created class This classification makes the AK and its variants ordinarily illegal for purchase, acquisition, or import. Much of Western Europe has enacted comprehensive national firearms laws which prevent the lawful ownership of AKs or variants thereof. The United Kingdom , for instance, has outlawed, through the Firearms Amendment Act , semi-automatic centerfire rifles See Gun politics in the United Kingdom for more complete information.

    It is possible to own AK derivatives in the UK provided they have been produced as "Manual Straight Pull" rifles which need to be manually cocked after each shot. This involves a modification to the weapon to essentially remove the gas system by permanently closing the gas port above the barrel may also involve the removal of the gas piston. In Norway it is forbidden for civilians to possess any form of fully automatic firearm unless a special permit is issued. Fully automatic weapons are either explicitly or effectively outlawed in almost all of North America and Europe, as well as Russia, Japan, and Australia.

    In Australia , the purchase of semi-automatic centerfire rifles has been effectively banned since See Gun politics in Australia for more information , and therefore AK rifles, even in semi-automatic form, are not allowed. However, as the laws covered only high-capacity magazines, shotguns and semi-automatic rifles, AKs in pistol configurations, as well as modified straight-pull versions, remain legal for purchase in and importation to Australia.

    How the AK-47 Rewrote the Rules of Modern Warfare

    Another way for an individual in Australia to legally own a Kalashnikov rifle is to have a Firearm Collector's Licence and the firearm deactivated by having the rifle's action welded up and the barrel plugged up. In Mexico , the possession of the AK and its variants by civilians is outlawed; its lawful use is restricted to the Mexican National Army. The Federal Law of Firearms and Explosives prohibits the civilian possession of this category of weapon, a military-style firearm using a military round, in its Article Throughout the world, the AK and variants are among the plethora of commonly smuggled small arms that are sold to governments, rebels, criminals and civilians alike, with little international oversight.

    This trade ensures a ready supply of inexpensive weapons to a number of conflicts, including but certainly not limited to the Balkans , Iraq , Afghanistan , and Somalia. In some countries that are recovering from war or that are at war, prices for AKs are very low. During the Cold War , the Soviet Union, China and the United States supplied arms and technical knowledge to numerous client-state countries and rebel forces to promote their interests.

    This period saw the proliferation, sometimes free of charge, of AKs by the Soviet Union and China to pro-communist countries and groups such as the Nicaraguan Sandinistas and Viet-Cong. The AK design was spread to a total of 55 national armies. The proliferation of this weapon is reflected by more than just numbers. The AK is included in the flag of Mozambique and its coat of arms. It is also found in the revolution era coat of arms of Burkina Faso , the flag of Hezbollah , and logo of the Iranian Islamic Revolutionary Guards Corps.

    In the U. Numerous computer games, video games, and rap songs feature AKs. Toy makers and the airsoft industry make millions of replica AKs. Template:Wikiquote Template:Commons.

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