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If she'd been born in the Renaissance, painters would have flocked to her door, begging that she pose for them. They would have painted her as an angel, for her wavy, golden hair glowed with a light of its own, giving her a nimbus like a halo. Copper glints in the curls seemed to possess a power to warm the hands, and Robert's fingers itched to sink into the waves and discover the heat and the texture.

Some Enchanted Evening

Her softly rounded cheeks and large amber eyes under darkened brows made a man think of heaven, yet the stubborn set of her chin saved her face from a cloying sweetness. Her nose was slight, her chin too broad to be truly attractive, but her lips were wide, lush, and red. Too red. She rouged them, he was sure of it.

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She looked like an Englishwoman of good quality -- except, of course, no woman of good quality ever rouged her lips, and certainly never traveled alone. She smiled, giving him a glimpse of straight white teeth -- and that mouth he planned to explore. All the old men cackled, remembering the days when they would have had a chance to woo a beautiful visitor.

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Now they were content to sit in the sun in front of the alehouse, comment on the doings of the town, and play checkers -- or they had been, until she rode into town. Robert's gaze narrowed on the female. He was smart enough, and in his travels had seen enough, to recognize trouble when he saw it. On the surface he appeared to be mildly interested in the doings in the square, but his every sense was alert for a trick.

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  5. Because I like Christina Dodd's writing I am going 3 generous stars. If it was any lesser writer this book would have been 2 stars. I got this for free at a writer's conference and let it sit on my TBR shelf for several years, always hesitating to pick it up. In a fit of trying to clear away some hardback books, I bit the bullet. Not terrible, but long until the rushed ending. I wanted to like Robert, but when a woman says "No," a gentleman ought to stop.

    In today's climate, what he does is force Clarice even though she later says she knew he "needed her," so she acquiesced--after it was too late. It was hard for me to rate I got this for free at a writer's conference and let it sit on my TBR shelf for several years, always hesitating to pick it up. It was hard for me to rate the book any higher after that. The bright spots are the 5 old gents in the village and Millicent.


    The rest, not so much. This series focuses on three siblings, who are "Lost Princesses" from the small kingdom of Beaumontagne, sent fleeing for their lives to England by their grandmother for their safety. Now separated, yet in search for a sign to return, we meet the middle child Clarice, who earns her living as a peddler selling beauty ointments, yet openly declaring her royalty to the masses. Upon entering the town of Freya Cragsas, and while trying to ensnare the people, she meets Robert MacKenzie, earl of Hepburn and traumatized war hero.

    He soon declares her his house-guest, and plans to use her disguising skills in a revenge plot. As attempts are made on their life, passions ignite and Clarice and Robert become lovers. But with Clarice wanting to return to reclaim her lost throne, will Robert and his newfound love be able to make Clarice stay?

    Likable but stubborn and single minded heroine, brooding hero, super hot lovemaking, drama, romance, some action leading to a HEA. My favorite part definitely was how Clarice made Robert's ignored sister Millicent recognize her self worth, and I'm glad she did let go in the end. Good in parts. If Ms. Dodd has any feeling for the manners and mores of the times she is writing about, she frequently sacrifices it to meet her plot's demands.

    This book is no exception.

    Some Enchanted Evening Part 01

    You have a heroine who thinks she could effectively knee a man while wearing the typical long dresses with petticoats of the day. You have a heroine who travels untouched and unchaperoned through the countryside in a time when no woman could safely travel unescorted.

    You have a heroine who is touting cosmetics in an age when If Ms. You have a heroine who is touting cosmetics in an age when cosmetics were used only by courtesans and sometimes the elderly. You have a heroine who jumps into bed with the hero and doesn't worry about getting pregnant. Perhaps Ms. Dodd should stick to writing modern romances since her heroines always seem to have modern morals and behaviors anyway. Jul 17, Brenda H rated it really liked it. This was a fun quick read. I haven't been reading many historical romances in the last few years and had forgotten how fun they can be Christina Dodd is always a fun read.

    This this the first in the trilogy "The Lost Princesses". When revolution comes to their country following the revolt in France, the three young princesses are bundled off to England for safety. Over time, circumstances change and their whereabouts bec This was a fun quick read. Over time, circumstances change and their whereabouts become unknown.

    Now that the country is safely back under the family's control, the Dowager Queen wants to bring the princesses home. Rating: 3. This is an abridged audio version that surprisingly made sense. Which begs the question of whether the full book would be quite draggy. But overall, a pleasant listen. Will be following the adventures of the other sibling princesses. I forgot to read it in December Catching up a few days late, but I got it done!

    I read book two of the series last year, and liked it pretty well. It had left me curious about the other two sisters. I don't know why I put off reading this one for so long. Christina Dodd used to be an auto-buy author for me back in the day, but I haven't read as much of her stuff in the last 3. Christina Dodd used to be an auto-buy author for me back in the day, but I haven't read as much of her stuff in the last few years as I used to. I still enjoy it, though I can't seem to remember her writing style being so Maybe it was, and my bad memory just doesn't recall.

    Either way, this book had me giggling in a couple places, especially when the five old men who hang out outside the tavern were in the scene. They cracked me up, and I could totally see them, all naughty ol' men just like some I know. Clarice took a little while longer for me to like though. At first, she seemed I don't know.

    Too arrogant maybe or something. I did like the glimpse of Amy and her circumstances prior to her story in book two, even though that book isn't exactly fresh in my mind. I liked him, he had that whole dark, brooding power thing going on, but he wasn't really an ass too much. I liked him. The plot though, about the princesses having to be in hiding I didn't really think it was smart of Clarice to go around announcing to all that she was an exiled princess, even if she didn't tell people what kingdom she was from.

    Some Enchanted Evening (Lost Princesses, Book 1) - PDF Free Download

    I was surprised that when the danger came, it was for something different. I was glad that there was some danger though. For awhile I was wondering if the only conflict was going to be whether or not Robert could convince her to stay in Scotland instead of returning to her kingdom. I woulda liked to see some more of Robert kicking some bad-guy ass though, lol. Coming off my last read, a book by Stephanie Laurens, I couldn't help but note the difference in the historical feel. Whereas that one had me feeling firmly entrenched in the historical setting, this one had a definite fairy-tale feel to it.

    But it had more of a Princess Bride type feel rather than a truly accurate historical feel. I enjoyed it though. It was light and fun, but with enough serious moments to keep it from being too silly.

    Full details for this title

    I thoroughly enjoyed the romance between the characters, how he went from simple lust to actually getting to know and admire her, and how she went from fearing him to needing him. I also really liked the hero's sister, Millicent, and her growth from timid mouse to someone with confidence. And her realization that the guy she'd longed for forever was truly not worth it once she had his attention, that she had built him up into someone perfect in her mind, only to realize once he opened his mouth that he was rather unexciting.

    Made me laugh. I definitely wouldn't mind seeing Millicent again. I'm glad I finally knocked this off the TBR. I'll for sure not be waiting so long to get to book three. I'm intrigued by this Prince Rainger who I totally envision as a sexy Aragorn sort, lol , and interested in getting to meet Sorcha as herself, and not just the glimpses I've had of her in the other sisters' flashbacks. Plus, I'm curious to see if we finally get back to Beaumontagne! Shelves: historical-romance. A sweet story of a Princess, one of three sisters actually, who escapes with her youngest sister from their war-torn, tiny kingdom after the death of the King, their father and the disappearance of their grandmother.

    Because of the deceit of a close advisor, the sisters are left to fend for themselves in a foreign country, and Clarice becomes the mastermind behind a scheme to peddle their royal, family secrets to the beauty achieved by Princesses. During her attempts to sell these unique beauty A sweet story of a Princess, one of three sisters actually, who escapes with her youngest sister from their war-torn, tiny kingdom after the death of the King, their father and the disappearance of their grandmother.

    During her attempts to sell these unique beauty creams, she runs into the dangerous and mysterious Robert MacKenzie, Earl of Hepburn. She resistingly becomes a guest of MacKenzie Manor and is pressured into becoming a most key figure in Lord Hepburn's plans for revenge on an old enemy from his days in the military. Their time spent together works on the resisting hearts of both Clarice and Robert who have been ruled all their lives not by their hearts but by their duty, responsibilities, and honor. To their ultimate surprise, love blooms and breaks through the cold walls of duty and honor that have surrounded both hearts.

    But does it happen too late for either Clarice or Robert to claim this love? While the story was enjoyable, the love scenes between Robert and Clarice were lacking and left the reader wanting more. The feelings of lust and love were described as "burning" and "intense," but were rather quickly over without really describing the intense depths of this passion. To say it is so is one thing, but to feel it is quite another. Therefore, none of these types of scenes in this story will linger in my mind.

    This is one of those books that had the potential to go from good to great with a little more description and depth. The ending was a little too quickly and neatly wrapped up also. Without giving too much away, let me just say that the reunion of the hero and heroine seemed a little to "fairy-tale" to be interesting, i.

    Jan 27, Anita rated it really liked it Shelves: historical-romance , kindle-la-city. I loved the story, but was a little unhappy with the way the central characters, Princess Clarice and Lord Robert, were not very well developed. The three Princesses of Beaumontagne, Sorcha, Clarice and Amy, have been disbursed in England in a attempt to keep them safe from the revolution that is taking place in their country.

    For a few years, all is well. Then the flow of money stops and Clarice and Amy are now on their own. They have no idea where Sorcha is or what the situation is at home. Th I loved the story, but was a little unhappy with the way the central characters, Princess Clarice and Lord Robert, were not very well developed.

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    6. They are forced to make their own way by Amy sewing and Sorcha selling royal beauty cream and confidence to the women of the villages. Amy takes a seamstress job in Freya Crags in Scotland and Clarice appears three weeks later as a down on her luck Princess Clarice selling her transforming creams. Lord Robert Mackenzie takes notice of her and decides to use her in a little plot of revenge he is brewing.

      Some Enchanted Evening

      What ends up brewing is love for the Princess and the Earl. Jun 30, Mamajonesss rated it really liked it. There were some historical inaccuracies that thoroughly got under my skin at times but overall I was very pleased with the story. There are two more books in the series and I am intrigued to see the perspective of the other two princesses.

      Jun 02, Emily rated it really liked it. The three princesses of Beaumontagne have been lost for years. People are after them, wishing both harm and rescue, and they are trying to stay one step ahead. Clarice and Amy have been running a racket selling "royal secret" creams and unguents to make the less than fair townsfolk beautiful. But Clarice gets more than she bargains for when they ride into Freya Crags.

      The Earl of Hepburn is as handsome as he is tortured. Share your thoughts with other customers. Write a customer review. Most helpful customer reviews on Amazon. August 15, - Published on Amazon. Verified Purchase. Love Christina Dodd, I finished in one day, fast paced read, kept my interest. This is the first book in a series, about three sisters, I already read the last one first, so I had to go back, and read 1. I will definitely be reading the next one in the series. If you like princess' and prince's, romance with a little suspense you will like this story.

      April 21, - Published on Amazon. Dodd is absolutely magic.