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A royal figure or billionaire is tired of being in the public light.

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In fact, this new person likely treats them with casual disregard. But then they get over it, one way or another, and the two end up together. When he sees a commercial showing American coeds lifting up their shirts for the camera, Edvard decides he wants to flee his life of royal responsibilities to attend the University of Wisconsin college charming. There he meets Paige, a pre-med student who, initially, is not a fan of Edvard.

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The two eventually develop a relationship at the coffee shop they both work at, and romance ensues. But the two eventually reconcile and end up pledging to be together. While a lot of these examples of romance tropes have to do with two people slowly realizing their feelings for one another, the Destined To Be Together involves couples who know right from the start that they are in love.

As children, they fall in love. Westley goes off in pursuit of riches so that he can marry Buttercup and provide for her.

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When Buttercup receives news that leads her to believe Westley has died, she agrees to a proposal by Prince Humperdink. But Westley is alive and well, and comes back for Buttercup, leading the pair on a journey to fight for their one true love. This romance trope can play out in a number of ways.

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Perhaps a couple breaks up only to reunite decades later. Maybe they have been deeply hurt in the past, and have spent years avoiding any kind of romantic relationship. Now they will meet and learn to give love another chance. As is her ex-husband Jake, with whom she had a passionate marriage that eventually disintegrated due to lack of communication and trust. The forbidden fruit tastes the sweetest, right? This romance trope involves two people who are desperately in love but are forced apart — either by their families, their culture, or geographical distance.

Whatever the case, something is preventing them from being together. In The Notebook , Noah and Allie fall in love from the get-go when they meet as teenagers. Instead of following two people on their path to love love, this kind of story starts out with two people who are already in love, and likely married or in a committed relationship.

One of the people in the pair ends up getting a new job or falling in with a new crowd of friends that changes them in some way, perhaps by altering their values or priorities.

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Maybe their new situation is simply eating up all their time so that they are no longer as dedicated to the relationship. Their significant other will make their feelings known, and eventually leave, when the relationship continues to disintegrate.

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This will cause the protagonist to realize that despite their high-flying career or flashy friends, their life is empty without their significant other, and they go back to their old ways, eventually convincing the other person to give them another chance. The job begins to consume her and change her values, until her boyfriend Alex no longer recognizes her and he leaves. Only when she quits her job and gets back in touch with her roots do they end up back together. If you need a little extra help breathing new life into classic romance tropes, you can check out this detailed section of our post on fantasy tropes that walks authors through three trope-bending techniques.

Develop unique characters , write meet-cutes that resonate with the theme of your story , pepper your narrative arc with conflict and tension that feel real. If you want even more amazing tropes, check out the following Reedsy Discovery posts on romance:. We proudly circulate our newsletter to over , authors each week.

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In March of , Harvest House Publishers re-released the story in a gorgeous hardcover keepsake edition, complete with ribbon bookmark and foil-adorned cover. Now a new generation of readers, myself included, can enjoy the gentle love story set in the fictional land of Pendaran. Post to Cancel.

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