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The Invisible Bridge by Julie Orringer

In the end, a Jewish community that once numbered more than , was reduced to about a quarter of that size. Andras and his two brothers —Tibor, an aspiring physician, and Matyas, a cabaret tap dancer — are forced into the labor battalions.

All rings true. So too do her accounts of the emotional ties between not only the lovers but their extended families. Anyone who ever has spent time in conversation with Holocaust survivors or read their firsthand account of those years will recognize, too, how precisely Orringer has captured the role coincidence and chance played in dividing those who lived from those who were murdered.

The STRING BRIDGE Method in Bedwars! (Invisible Bridges)

She lives in Brooklyn, where she is researching a new novel. Meet Julie Orringer on her book tour. Because he was Jewish, and a Hungarian citizen, he was conscripted into the Hungarian labor service and lost his student visa.

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Then I started asking about what had happened during the war. Those questions gave rise to a cascade of stories, events that no one in our family had ever spoken of—what his time in forced labor had been like, how his relationship with my grandmother had developed during his furloughs, how his own brothers had been conscripted, imprisoned, and killed.

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