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Tropes in this series include:

Alani Amin. Evelyn McGuire. Harold McGuire. Daniel Weinstein. Jose Ciponte.

Vampire Huntress Legends Series

Joseph J. Kristin Berkfield. Detective Berkfield. Richard Berkfield. Pandora Kouti. Dante Pontis. The Amazon. Lady Shanara Montiori. Marjorie Berkfield. Joan of Arc. Momma Rivera. The Druid. Rob Berkfield. Saint Lucia, Virgin Islands. Queensland, Australia. London, England, UK. Addis Ababa, Ethiopia. Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, USA. Honorable Mention. How do series work? Series: Vampire Huntress Legend Series by cover 1—8 of 18 next show all. Background by L. Dynamite Entertainment is releasing a limited series which continues the Vampire Huntress stories.

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Young Adult Series Neteru Academy Sixteen years prior to the end of days, two Neterus, along with a Neteru Guardian team, known as The Warriors of Light, fought shoulder to shoulder with Guardian teams around the world. Although they vanquished the Ultimate Evil it still came back with insidious vengeance, taking over all the war-ravaged countries slowly but surely. Those who fought against it were hunted, but those brave men and women of the resistance kept the faith and honed their skills, always at the ready to save humanity from demonic forces.

Children of these brave warriors will one day take their parents places in the ongoing struggle. But until that time, they must become adept at using the special talents they were born with and must be kept out of harm's way while their parents continue to fight for justice. Hence the Neteru Academy a.

Temt Tchaas Academy - meaning sacred texts was born. Secreted away in the Appalachian Mountains, this magic-glamoured pyramid that was relocated from the Mayan ruins as well as the capstone taken from Egypt during the big war, hides the entrance to a forgotten bunker left over from the old s cold war between the United States and Russia.

Originally built by President Dwight Eisenhower, the actual school is underground and is housed in what was to then be a fall-out shelter for the executive branches of the American government in the event of a nuclear catastrophe. But it never came to that. The big war everyone feared was not between rival nations, but rival worlds. The conflict between the Light and the darkness unleashed plagues, and vampires, werewolves, zombies, and all manner of demons.

It created refugees amongst both the human and supernatural populations. Some individuals were given a chance to choose sides based upon their service to humankind. Others were already too far gone. Some angels wept; some turned dark. It was a time of complete chaos and anarchy was the order of the day. Initially, only the Guardians and the Neterus saw what was happening and became the small, rag-tag line of defense against a growing, slithering evil.

These brave warriors frustrated the dark side at every turn and still battle on in the new millennium. Now, with time being short until the Ultimate Evil returns, the children of the Guardian resistance must quickly hone all their special talents and learn expert battle skills - skills that their parents had years to perfect.

Time is not on their side, but one can only hope that the Light will make the critical difference. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. This article may need to be rewritten to comply with Wikipedia's quality standards. You can help. This place is made up of seven main islands within the cluster of tiny coral islands and islets— seven , Carlos. A lucky number; a power number. Black Jack. Twenty-one, a trinity. All right, I hear you.

Spanish mariners got here in fifteen-o-three, which when you do the math comes to nine… an end number. Cain got his troops through this way before, and you know his grand daddy, old Lu, is crazier than him.

the thirteenth a vampire huntress legend vampire huntress legend series Manual

Damali shrugged and looked down at the necklace in her fist. This can only be the work of angels… perhaps there is information that we should be apprised of by our Master? Surely this contagion that has been unleashed could harm his development. He has been safely moved, rest assured.

But the heavens will pour out to attempt to protect their precious humans. It would be weeks before all the bodies were recovered and the damaged structures were repaired.

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Chaos reigned… but there was a part of him that was actually sad. He lifted his chin to stand taller, brushing flecks of dust from the rubble off his black designer suit and then tugging on his cuffs a bit. Resigned to whatever she would do with the information, he turned his black-glowing gaze on the carnage and ran his fingers through his thicket of onyx curls. New Orleans was calling him, as were the good old days of plantation ownership in his Creole bayou.

Instead she pressed graceful hand to her voluptuous chest and allowed a slight scowl to overtake her eerily gorgeous face. She studied Nuit with soulless dark eyes. A balance. There was exquisite beauty in that balance. The human populations will soon be thoroughly diseased. Pristine blood in the goblets of old shall be no more, shall pass away as have all the old world ways that once held a level of dignified charm.

The erotic thrill of turning an innocent will be a thing of the past as well… once the humans all become the walking dead. It is quite a pity and I will miss the days of pure vampires, too. Pure bloodlust. The beauty of deadly seduction, versus brute force. It was tres bon. This chaos is temporary… the heir brings the promise of perpetual night and with it a level of evil that the world has never known.

Humans will shudder in fear, the fumes of it rising with their every breath, and we will feed off that as much as their blood and flesh. The enchantment of the hunt. This is pure slaughter… not very sporting, after it has all been said and done. For centuries he toyed with the chess games between him and the dreaded Light.

And now it has come to this. He is tired, stressed, and has grown impatient for unequivocal victory. The sly half smile Lilith had been wearing disappeared from her face. Not at all, Fallon. Damali and Carlos stared at each other. At least what the divine motivation was for dropping us off here? Carlos bent down to get a closer look at the small bubbles rising from the submerged necklace.

He gave Damali a look and then stood up and stretched his back with annoyance. No one thought that maybe Pearl might need a little sea surf after all the horrible things I saw in those battles with you. Carlos let his breath out hard and then looked at the necklace. He motioned to Damali to allow him to hold her necklace. Those are human gathered, but the whereabouts are not known of by common man—only other Templars—so the riches of the vaults cannot be confiscated by the human authorities.

They were consecrated by Templar priests and hidden on hallowed ground to be used in the mission of protecting the innocent and for the service of The Most High, so the dark side has no access and cannot make it disappear, either. How many times have we had this conversation, Carlos? But, Pearl, how do I find the Templar vaults?

Their vaults are Light-shielded so that only those given direct permission can access them.

The Thirteenth A Vampire Huntress Legend Vampire Huntress Legends

They did that after that evil French king burned so many of them at the stake and took their treasury the last time. All I know is that Father Pat will come to you to reveal resources to you. I wish I knew more. Damali stooped down staring into the warm, clear blue water. Bimini is Taino for mother of many waters.

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Your team is that now. Many mothers, many waters… water is your safe haven, water can be blessed as you travel across it, and in the Northern Bimini there is a salt water mangrove forest that has the healing cove. Go there for a while and await word. From there, sheeit. If me and Yonnie get back on Miami soil, we definitely know how to navigate that terrain. We could get blown out of the water by a nervous US military move, too. Therefore, you must have your female seers lock in to that to guide you past the dangerous fluxes in the Triangle. All seven pregnant female Guardians need to hold the energy.

Each new child being formed must gain strength in one of the seven rays, in addition to the extrasensory gifts genetically passed by their parents. She said seven! I know, I know, but be cool , Carlos shot back, wiping his brow. Be cool? Be cool!